I teach several different yoga workshops throughout the year. If you are interested in booking me for a private workshop for your group or organization, please get in touch. In addition to the offerings listed below, I offer custom workshop design and private group lessons.

Prenatal Partner Yoga

This workshop is a blend of partner yoga, massage and breathing techniques to cope with the discomforts of pregnancy and sensations of labor.

Yoga for Cyclists

This workshop is a 1½ hour yoga class geared to the cyclist. We will start with a brief overview of the class and then get into the poses (asanas) and breath (prana) to find strength and flexibility.

Yoga for the Inflexible

Thought about trying yoga, but just didn’t know where to
begin? Then this class is for you!

I will help you establish a plan that will get you to your mat and begin a healthier lifestyle through yoga.

Chakra 101

Learn what a chakra is and how yoga helps open and balance the subtle (energy) body. This workshop focuses on the 7 main chakras and is a combination lecture and yoga practice.

Jouney into the Chakras

Ready to deepen your knowledge of the chakras and explore the energy body further?

Let me guide your through an exploration of the transpersonal and subpersonal chakras, the minor chakras, and how to manifest your dreams from the crown chakra to the root chakra.