Yoga for nurturing, empowering and healing.

I am a yoga instructor who specializes in helping individuals and small groups experience the joy and peace that practicing yoga brings.

My own journey into yoga began as a simple search for flexibility in my hips — I am an avid cyclist — but I found so much more than that. Yoga calmed and focused my mind and fired up my spirit. It sparked my inner light and inspired me to share yoga with others so they can experience inner peace, and healthy living in mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are a beginner, someone looking to refine their practice, or a group of friends, I would love to share your yoga journey with you. Please contact me to get started.

Cathy Goehler

Private Lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, private lessons can enhance your practice. Find out more.

Group Yoga Lessons

I’ve helped businesses, organizations and teams improve their health through yoga. Find out more.

Studio Classes

Want to take a yoga class with me? I teach in Madison, Wisconsin.Check out my teaching schedule.

Prenatal Classes

I teach regular pre-natal classes in Madison, Wisconsin.


I teach pre-natal, chakra, and beginning yoga workshops in Madison. Find out more


Questions about yoga classes? Get in touch with me

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